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Read Clinic

Established in 1972, Read Clinic provides a range of voca­tional rehabili­tation, psycho­logical, med-legal, psycho­vocational, neuro­psycho­logical, kinesio­logy, occupa­tional therapy, psycho­educational, chiro­practic assess­ment and treatment services. Assessment and treatment are available in several regions of Ontario, and northeastern United States.

Consultants to all levels of government, cor­po­ra­tions, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, employee assistance programs, non-profit healthcare and community agencies, Insurers, post secondary institutions, WSIB, and law firms, the Clinic has developed functional restoration, assessment, rehabilitation and treatment programs currently utilized widely in clinical practice settings.

Services Across Ontario

Services are offered to adults and children (beyond age 7) facing physical, sensory or psychological limitations arising from injury, trauma, or disease. In teens and adults, our focus is the determination of residual potential, transferable skills and abilities, psychosocial adjustment to disability, trainability and level of employability. Training and employment needs, treatment planning, and guidance in rehabilitation case management are areas commonly addressed.

Clinic staff and consultants are experienced health care and vocational re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion providers, most with professional affiliations to universities, colleges, hospitals and rehabilitation service facilities. The Clinic has extensive experience with Insurance Tribunals and expert witness testimony in the Ontario Supreme Court.