Read Clinic is well known for its treatment services

About Read Clinic

Read Clinic, with over 40 years experience in Canada, offers assessment and treatment services in areas of vocational rehabili­tation, rehabili­tation psycho­logical, psycho­vocational, psycho­educational, bio­mechanics, chiro­practic, kinesio­logy, occupational therapy and functional ability evaluation. The Clinic provides assessment, consultation, and treatment services to persons suffering compromise to their physical, cognitive and emotional functioning. These include persons with injuries and illness arising from:

Clinic staff are familiar with assessment criteria for Medical-legal and Insurer examinations. These are regularly conducted in our Toronto offices and satellite locations. In all cases, the patient’s health remains our primary focus.

We conduct examinations for a wide array of institutions and organizations. These include:

Direct self-referral from patients can be accepted. Please discuss your special needs with INTAKE.

Our Assessment Process addresses all important areas of life function. You will find our professional staff sensitive to patient concerns, while also ensuring that the assessment process is thorough, and our reporting comprehensive. Patients may leave our offices feeling tired after a sometimes lengthy examination process, but always with a sense of being treated courteously, and with sensitivity and care regarding their ongoing medical, work and personal life concerns.

Well Known...

Our Clinic is well known across Canada for its treatment services. These include:

Services are offered throughout the GTA, in several regions of Ontario, and northeastern United States.

The Clinic prides itself on its flexibility in adapting to special needs' situations. We can, where necessary, accommodate assessments extended over multiple visits should the patient be unable to tolerate a lengthy examination process. We regularly examine wheel-chair bound individuals, persons with limited upper extremity functional mobility, and those with sensory disabilities (hearing impaired, visually impaired and blinded). Children over age 7 are accommodated, with the examination process designed to place them at ease, and stimulate their interest. We have facilities and clinical tools for conducting examinations in several foreign languages and can help coordinate Interpreter support where necessary.

The Toronto clinic offices are located near Broadview/Danforth, in the heart of midtown Toronto, amongst several professional health care office buildings. Nearby are several restaurants, coffee shops and fast-food outlets where patients and those accompanying them may take lunch or coffee breaks. A rest area in the Clinic is also available for those having need to lie down for awhile. Every effort is made to ensure the examination process leaves the individual with a positive sense that their time has been well-spent, and with minimal strain.

Persons engaged in full day assessments are welcome to bring along lunch if they prefer, with private space made available to them during a luncheon break.