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Referral and Information


  2. 416 469-5909 ext 22 or 21

Physician and Health Care Provider Referral

Referral can be made by telephone, fax, email, or post. The Clinic will return information and referral requests within 24 hours. Patient scheduling for assessments can normally be accommodated within 2–6 weeks, with about 2-4 weeks normally required for provision of a report. Should more urgent referral and reporting be required, this may be possible. Please discuss your needs with INTAKE.

Patient Self-Referral

Direct referral will be accepted in some circumstances. Please discuss your specific needs and situation with INTAKE.

Law Firm, WSIB and Insurer Referral

Read Clinic has provided medical-legal, worker’s com­pen­sa­tion, and independent insurer’s examinations for over 40 years. Clinic staff are knowledgeable regarding medical-legal issues, statutory benefits schedules, assess­ment criteria, and other medical-legal and in­sur­ance matters of significance. Professional staff are available, if requested, to discuss specific referrer needs. Staff are experienced in attending Insurance Tribunals and in provision of expert witness testimony in courts in Ontario and U.S. jurisdictions.

Employee Assistance Program and Corporate Human Resources Department Referral

The Clinic has established EAP programs for gov­ern­mental institutions, mid-size and large cor­po­ra­tions, and as such is experienced in their structure, limits, and service provision. Corporate employee referrals may be made by the company, or the employee may contact the Clinic directly. Read Clinic has conducted many health care and rehabilitation studies over the years for Human Resource Units of major Canadian corporations; we would be pleased to discuss your specific needs.