Vocational and Job Search training

Pre-employment Preparation

Job search and Readiness Training

Six week, 3 hours weekly intensive individualized training in preparation for conducting an independent and effective job search. Focused on persons with physical or psychological issues that have compromised their reintegration to the workforce. Resumé preparation, letters to employers, applications, cold calling, targeting employers, job search strategies, internet job search tools, presentation skill-building, employment interviews, followup strategies, self-marketing. Homework is assigned weekly. Summary report to the referrer is provided upon completion.

Job Club

Up to one year individualized support programs, designed to aid persons actively engaged in conducting a job search. Normally once to twice monthly attendance, job coaching, support with leads, search strategies, cold calls, resume updates, presentation skills, targeted covering letters, interview practice, stress management, job search planning, identifying leads, motivational counseling.

Vocational / Educational Counseling

Individual counseling sessions with a focus on identifi­cation of transferable skills, obstacles to work/school re-entry that require resolution, identification of realistic and achievable employment and/or training options, development of a training or labour market reentry plan, and aid in realizing the plan.