Assessment Support

Assessment Support

Foreign Languages

English language skills are not required for ex­am­i­na­tion. Assessment can be conducted re­gard­less of language. In some cases, Interpreter aid is required. Interpreters can be arranged by the Referrer, or with assistance from the clinic. Written materials are also available in many languages.

Persons with hearing and visual impairments, learning disabilities and functional illiteracy are regularly assessed.

Please discuss your needs with INTAKE.

Assessments may last from 4–7 hours per day. Comprehensive medical-legal, functional abilities and neuro­psy­cho­log­i­cal examinations sometimes require a second one-half day visit. Owing to the length of some examinations, a patient rest area is provided when required.

Our Clinic staff have extensive experience in as­sess­ment and treatment of persons suffering from disability conditions. Every effort will be made to set the patient at ease, explain the examination process in depth, and accommodate patient needs for stretching, rest breaks, or if necessary, briefer exam days.